Twin River City

A city that reveres Revi for his alchemical talents and tactical brilliance, Twin River City sits at the convergence of the Grand Twin River.

The city itself is the seat of the largest university in the Girai region, where aspiring arcane magic users travel to from across the known world to study.

The main exports of this city include manfacutred cloth, alchemical items, and some amounts of gun-powder and arcane devices.

It’s currently growing at an alarming rate, and a large slum-town has grown around its borders, mostly on the eastern side of the city. Politicians and officials all tend to avoid this place, and there is much unrest in the city currently. The city is ruled over by an elected official known as the Regent. This is a hold-over from when the city was actually a territory of the Girai Empire, where the Emperor or Empress would have held final sway over the population. The current regent is Verche who is friends with the librarian in Gimoshent.

Religion in Twin River is an almost secular affair, akin to modern-day Christianity. The main deities of the city are Revi, being the patron of the Arcane magic arts and Alchemy, as well as Pelor, the god of the common people. Because Revi is typically represented as a Tiefling with one horn, many that follow him, or just revere his mastery over the arcane shave off one horn as a sign of respect.

Goggles are the primary fashion statement in Twin River, with most young people owning at least one pair, and more affluent young people have multiple pairs.

Twin River City

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