A large city of magical architecture and made of marble. The city itself is made possible by the Heirs of Girai, whose magic and heritage have re-built the city.

Tieflings find themselves inexplicably drawn to this place, the ancient seat of their empire’s power, where they find an orderly, clean, safe place to live.

The buildings there are made of white marble, and when first entered, grant the occupant up to 2 keys and transform to suit their needs, creating bedrooms, kitchens, and a small living area as well. Each plot has a small garden and an outhouse, which is flushed out of the city with an elaborate aqueduct system that starts from the palace.

The city radiates out westward from this main palace, which itself is made of white marble and has been seemingly carved directly from the mountain-side.

The roads are made of black and red marble, with cart and wagon traffic taking up the right-hand two thirds, and pedestrian traffic the left-most third.

The seat of an ancient and powerful empire, Girai was in power for nearly 5 thousand years, with its earliest ruler being Girant the Great.


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