Kallista Girda

The impetus for our heroes. Kallista is a Tiefling child with sticky fingers and a an adorable nature. A slave on the same plantation in the Drima region where the party started out, Kallista burst into their cabin one night with the key to their shackles. The group saved her from the guards that were pursuing her with some epic lies and made their escape.

After being dropped off with Rieta Girda at the temple of Caravost, Kallista went to the city of Girai to live a new life. There she got some friends while Rieta got a job in the palace as a servant. When it was discovered that Rieta was in fact the last of Girant II’s bloodline, and therefore the person they were looking for, the Imperial Guard, led by Andorek burst in and whisked the two away to save them from the rapidly growing mob.

They next journeyed to D’Hara, where they met with Richard Rahl, the ruler of the fanatical Pelor Worshipers there. When it was determined that the party were hot on their heals, Andorek, the Imperial Guard, and the others left the island. They next journeyed for a brief time to a desert, and then to an island that can only be reached if one knows where it is. Presumably, this is because Andorek knew about the island.

They passed through the ruins of a smaller city based on Girai’s blueprint and to a portal the brought them to the The Northern Reach.

Kallista is 8 and a half years of age. and stands at a fairly tall 4’2. She has deep red skin and jet black horns that curl like a ram’s, her eyes are scarlet red, and she has brilliantly white hair. She’s almost always smiling, and her tail is always moving, and may partially account for how adept she is at petty theft already. Rieta is working with her to curb this habit.

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Kallista Girda

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